Tony & Gravel - "Not Dead Yet" [VINYL]

Tony & Gravel - "Not Dead Yet" [VINYL]

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For the first time on vinyl, Tony & Gravel's "Not Dead Yet" is available via Punkerton Records. This release also includes 4 extra songs including the demo version of V&H. Random Color Eco-Mix on 140 gram vinyl.

200 -Random Color* (140g Vinyl)

Track Listing:


1. Suck It Up
2. Delirium
3. V&H
4. Hot Air & Flies
5. Gotta Have An Instrumental
6. Justin Casey


7. Unapologetic Piece of Crap
8. You Know the Feeling
9. FairChild666
10. Late Check Out
11. V&H (Demo)

*We cannot determine what color the eco-mix vinyl will ship to you.