Bad Year

Rooted in Midwest punk rock... ...Bad Year formed in 2019 and calls Milwaukee home. Inspired by heartbreak, angst, and self-reformation, Bad Year injects the scene with anthemic chorus hooks and brutal optimism. In the spirit of promoting positive aspects of empathy and mental health, their cathartic melodies are known for freely inspiring listeners with a sense of mutual understanding and hope. The group put a fresh, more decorated feel on musical incarnations and lived experiences of the past. Bad Year’s groundbreaking debut EP “Handshakes'' received immediate acclaim from listeners and an unmediated Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Award nomination while the title track’s music video gained over 100k views within its first month. The trio refrained from allowing a pandemic to slow their upbeat tempo with their one-off single “Blackout”. Keeping the momentum and expanding boundaries of incendiary music composition, “Blackout” was Bad Year’s first production with highly sought-after producer, Nick Rad. Ending 2020 on a high note, "A Moment In Time" EP, was released and creates acoustic landscapes of sound that evoke feelings, energies, and memories. The recent feeling of shared musical experiences has been sorely missed. With the music community recovering from feeling displaced and longing for connection together, these desires will surely be met by this upcoming release. Born from lived experience and forged from the pandemic, the recent singles Killing Me, Paranoid Failure, and The End have exceeded listeners’ expectations. The spankin’ new EP and singles like Charcoal Black are no exception. We hope our songs help listeners get through hard times because let’s admit it, life sucks sometimes. Expanding our intellectual horizons, shaping relationships, and allowing the lyrical composition process to elegantly represent our experiences are among the endless activities that make us feel alive. Bad Year is not only an outlet for us to express and voice our true emotions that helps heal and improve our lives, but it’s a setting where we freely aim our practice to give back to society and help others by making music that others can identify with. As musicians, we hope that our fans experience a sample of the passion and healing that we’ve experienced through our influences through hard times. We are blessed to continue to have abundant opportunities granted to us and are honored to work together with organizations that promote our shared beliefs. Our goals consist of continuing to share our music in hopes of working together to help spread a love of music, raise mental health awareness, and offer harm reduction and prevention methods to the public. Bad Year is determined to continue spreading love and positivity through our music and friendships.
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