Pretty Pretty Awful Releases Debut Single On Punkerton Records


Cleveland, Ohio alternative pop-punk band Pretty Pretty Awful has just released it's debut single "Mostly Ghostly" on Punkerton Records. The track sets the tone early with a gothy church organ before exploding into a full band attack of up-tempo garage pop-punk, evoking the likes of PUP and Alkaline Trio. 

Lyrically, "Mostly Ghostly" is is a song about the fear of death, and more specifically, how scary it would be to not let the person you love know you were still with them after you’re gone. "I believe in ghosts. I mean, the house I grew up in was haunted," explains vocalist and songwriter Anthony Powers. "It felt like the sort of song I needed to write in case I ever find myself in that situation." Powers acknowledges that the song could have more than one meaning to a listener as well. "Yeah, I think it also can relate to feeling like a ghost in any sort of relationship, romantic or familial or whatever," he says. "Feeling like you’re unseen, like you’re gone without being gone, but holding onto the hope that if you can just find a way to do something tangible, maybe they’ll see you again.


"Mostly Ghosty" was recorded and produced by Lance Waste (Darling Waste). It is the first single from a planned album out in Spring of 2022 on Punkerton Records. Along with the single, Pretty Pretty Awful has also released a lyric video, edited from archival footage, which Powers plans to use as an anthology for future releases. “I really love the lyric video. I edited down the first 20 minutes or so of He Who Gets Slapped, this Lon Chaney silent film that I love," says Powers. "So in a way, the video is sort of a Part One. The lyric videos for the other singles on the EP will pick up where this one leaves off, and let me tell you, it’s gonna get real weird.” 

Listen to “Mostly Ghostly” on SPOTIFY or watch the video on YouTube below:

With a mean-spirited garage-esque sound, a darkly clever lyrical flair, and a rallying cry of “SO SAD - STILL RAD,” how “awful” can Cleveland-based Punk/Rock trio Pretty Pretty Awful actually be?

Formed in late 2021 as the side-project of Midwest Emo mainstays, Darling Waste, Pretty Pretty Awful is the little brainchild of Anthony Powers, who takes the helm as songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of the band. He’s joined by friends and bandmates Donnie Talbott and Lance Waste, rocking the f*ck out of the drums and the f*ck out of literally everything else, respectively.

Mental health advocacy is actually a big part of this project to me,” says Powers. “Most of us have our demons, our skeletons in the closet - these songs are for them. Your depression or anxiety might be part of you, but they don’t make you any less than. You can be a gloomy little raincloud, but still be rad as hell.” Pretty Pretty Awful signed to Punkerton Records out of Columbus, OH, in early 2022 and are slated to release their first EP sometime in the spring.

Pretty Pretty Awful Is:

Anthony Powers - Vocals/Guitar
Donnie Talbott - Drums
Lance Waste - Bass/Keys


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