Toronto, Ontario Alt Rock band, Cruel Hope, has released their debut single, "Wage Slave” fresh off their EP, I'm Not Sick. The track is a driving, hard rock anthem on an issue in the forefront of many people's minds these days: the dwindling patience of a working-class who find themselves overworked, underpaid, and hungry - perhaps for something more than what you can find in the grocery store.

Lyrically, the song offers a biting commentary on the issue. "Wage Slave" speaks to the maddening frustration felt by today's working-class as we are forced into ever-worsening working and living conditions," says frontman Liam Horrigan. "It also cautions those in power that there is a limit beyond which working people cannot be further exploited and that they will soon reach it." 

The song was recorded and produced by Kyle Marchant and is the first track to be released from the band's upcoming EP, I'm Not Sick

Listen to "Wage Slave" on SPOTIFY or watch it on Youtube below:

Cruel Hope is not a band. Rather, it is the embodiment of a generation’s bitter struggle to accept that the world they were promised no longer exists, brought to life in the form of modern alternative rock songs by creator Liam Horrigan. Strong melodies akin to those of Rise Against and Green Day deliver unapologetic lyrics about the troubled state of our world, producing anthemic choruses purpose-built to stick within the ears and hearts of today’s youth. Heavy riffs honour proud rock traditions, inspiring comparisons to contemporaries Royal Blood and Cleopatrick. Armed with three singles produced by Kyle Marchant (Nightwell) and with a high octane live act, Cruel Hope is set to explode onto the Toronto, Ontario scene in early 2022.

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