Band Of The Day: Seethe

Pittsburgh, PA trapcore artist Seethe has released their newest single, “In Pieces” and has announced their new album,  the intense and diverse Psalms of the Dead Better Left Unsung and Unread. Both consistent and cohesive in its delivery, the album delivers tracks that share a similar vibe but vary differently in terms of mood and delivery. The album is slated for 9 tracks and will drop on April 14th on DI Records.

The song “In Pieces” is the 3rd single of the album release cycle, and is about abandonment while watching the ones you love betray you as they march off to the proverbial slaughter. A common theme amongst the album. Of the song, Seethe says: The song “In Pieces” was fun to record as it varies drastically through many different vocal styles, ranging from very frantic and almost psychotic frailty, gothic-tinged crooning (ala Marilyn Manson or Jay Gordon) with dissonant harmonies, guttural styled screams and Fry vocals that have pitched screaming with notation. The song closes the album nicely being the longest track and encapsulates the sound that can be found on the album.”

Psalms of the Dead Better Left Unsung and Unread was written, recorded, and produced by Patrick McElravy (Seethe). Mixing and mastering were done by Gus Walker, with additional production on the album by Slaughter, Nvmeless, Vixlence, insanetantrum, and Zerkey. “Psalms of the Dead Better Left Unsung and Unread” is set for release on DI Records.

“The album is about watching a series of unfortunate events occur while watching from the outside with no ability to help these occurrences from happening.” shares Seethe. “The album is very much a concept that guides the listener through the tales of one’s corroding mental health whilst loosely paralleling events from the television show Grimm, a horror, fantasy cop thriller. The lyrical content is/was designed to provoke the actions of seeing what others can’t see and not being believed and the decline of mental health as it wears on one’s mind of knowing the truth and no one will accept it.”

The single is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Along with the single, Seethe has released a visualizer for “In Pieces”, which you can watch on YouTube below.

Born in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Seethe emerged from the mind of 9 Stitch Method vocalist Patrick McElravy. With emotional and manic vocals akin to that of the early 00’s Nu Metal movement and the distorted, electronic barrage of Trap Metal artists such as Slen and Ghostmane, Seethe sets out to pave his own path melding sounds of the past and current musical soundscape. Having opened up for acts such as King 810 and being featured in “Nu Metal: The Definitive Guide”, Seethe’s career has shown much promise despite its short existence.

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