Band Of The Day: Project Vela

Project Vela has released their latest single, “Waiting For Death”. The track is the final single from the duo’s EP Elsewhere, following the singles “You Can’t Fix Me”, “Pretend”, “What I Deserve”, “I’m Sorry”, and “Left With Pieces”.

Along with being the last single to be released for the EP, “Waiting For Death” was also the last song written for the EP, and according to the band, it was never really meant to be included. “We had a 6th that was meant to be there in its place, but once we finished this song, we realized how comparatively weak the other was,” explains the band. “So kind of at the last minute, we replaced it with Waiting for Death to Begin.”

Lyrically, the track feels more emotionally honest and raw than the previous singles. The duo went back and forth, trying to tame down the lyrics and the message, before ultimately deciding that genuine honesty was paramount to the mainstream digestibility. Of the song, the band says “This song is a trip through a downward spiral. Dealing with depression on a regular basis, but a new wave comes that’s more powerful than the last. But you’ve dealt with it for so long that you ignore the warning signs, and you’re lulled into a false sense of security thinking “I’ve pulled through this before, I can pull through it again”. This time is different, but you’re naively unaware. Slowly but surely, you’re led down a path of withdrawing from the life around you, and by the time you realize how far down you’ve gone, it’s too late.

“Waiting For Death To Begin” was self-produced, mixed by Scott Spriggs, and mastered by Kris Crummett. Along with the single, the band has released an animated video, which they story-boarded themselves. “We felt the best way to tell the story of this song was in an animated video. It shows the personification of the pieces in the song synopsis mentioned above, and the progression of those characters through the song. This angel of death-looking character representing this “new brand” of serious mental illness, and how it follows you around, sneaks up on you, and eventually pulls you down with it when left unchecked.”

“Waiting For Death To Begin” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

PROJECT VELA is making big waves in the modern rock arena, without ever playing a live show. The melodic hard rock duo bridges electronic, pop and alternative elements to create a fresh, explosive sound that British metal magazine Fireworks hailed as “exciting and creative,” describing their EP Disconnected as “an album that will please fans of hard experimental energy driven cinematic rock.”

The entirely DIY project, from the musical minds of lead vocalist Scott Spriggs and multi-instrumentalist co-producer Travis Owen, is drawing comparisons to their own idols, including Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, and I Prevail. Since their 2017 debut, Project Vela has been steadily growing a devoted fan base of over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, while racking up millions of streams on YouTube. 

“It just started as kind of like an internet project,” Scott says of the remote collaboration, which only brings them together a few times a year for studio sessions. “It was just for fun, and it just kind of latched on to people and started taking off.”

Project Vela Is:
Scott Spriggs (drums/vocals/bass)
Travis Owen (guitar/keys)

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