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Prolific rapper, writer, voice actor and animator mc chris has announced his final tour ever! Slowed down by Covid, a divorce and his new role as a single dad, mc chris (never capitalized intentionally) sets out on what he’s calling his last tour this summer with supporting act Crunk Witch. Given that he has a child to look after these days, it may be time for mc chris to find something else besides non-stop touring to make ends meet. He currently lives in Los Angeles and when he’s not doing drop-offs and pick-ups, he’s auditioning for cartoons and writing projects to pitch. Given his history with animation and music, anything is possible for the future of mc chris and his audience eagerly awaits to see what comes next from the always evolving rapper.

Since the early 2000s, mc chris’ name has been synonymous with nerd culture. Whether you know him from his hit “Fett’s Vette” which has seen a large resurgence thanks to the Boba Fett limited series on Disney+, you’ve heard his song “Hoodie Ninja”, which was featured in both a national Honda commercial and America’s Funniest Home Videos, or you’ve caught his other songs featured in Comedy Central’s “Broad City”, Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, the films of Kevin Smith, or the hallucinogenic offerings of Adult Swim, there’s a good chance you are more familiar with mc chris than you know. 

One of the trailblazers of the “nerdcore” genre of hip hop (a recent LA Times crossword puzzle referred to nerdcore as “MC Chris’ genre” making it somewhat official,) mc chris was among the first rappers to focus solely on nerd life; rapping about Star Wars, Harry Potter, ninjas, and unrequited love. Now almost every rapper these days is making nerdy references. When he first set out to make music mc chris wanted to emulate hip hop, often called a game-changer, now hip hop is more like him than vice versa.

Many of his fans know mc as one of the pioneers of Adult Swim, where he served as writer, actor, songwriter, and animator for shows like Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and of course, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, where he famously voiced beloved character MC Pee Pants. After several years voicing a multitude of characters for Adult Swim and producing on-air content for Williams Street, mc left the business to pursue a full-time career in music. He continued to record his famous roles for Adult Swim, taking part in a video game, a movie and most recently a new Aqua Teen web series titled, Aquadonk Side Pieces, out later this year. His characters have a longevity that few Adult Swim shows can compare to. Many fans refer to his time at Adult Swim as the Golden Years and given the resurgence of the shows on streaming service HBO Max, new audiences are happily discovering mc chris just like their parents had. And sometimes they all go to an mc chris show together.

mc has since released 18 albums, with his last album, “mc chris is good music” charting on Billboard, debuting at #2 in the comedy genre. He has crossed America countless times, touring as a headliner as well as opening for bands like Pinback, Reggie and the Full Effect, and Ninja Sex Party. He has performed at SXSW, PAX, Warped Tour, Comicon, Dragoncon, Bamboozle, Fun Fun Fest, GwarBQ, The Gathering, and countless other conventions and fests. mc has collaborated with the likes of Talib Kweli, Andrew WK, and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino). Kevin Smith calls him “a genius” and mc has become his go-to composer in recent years. His music has been featured in Smith’s  “Zak and Miri Make a Porno”, “Jay and Silent Bob’ s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie”, and he has composed several themes for Smith’s Smodcast podcast network. mc recently reunited with his Aqua Teen Hunger Force family to reprise his MC P Pants role in MC P Pants University, an episode of the Aquadonk Side Piece series that has quickly amassed over 225k views!

In recent years, mc chris has leveraged crowdfunding to help realize his projects. He successfully Kickstarted “The mc chris Cartoon”, an animated extension of the skit universe featured on his records. Thanks to donations from his fans, he raised over $72,000 and produced a six-minute pilot presentation with the world-renowned animation company Titmouse (Vox Machina, Big Mouth, Midnight Gospel.) Recently, mc chris’ fans have donated over $18,000 for his upcoming album, King in Black, expected later in 2022. 

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For over 13 years, mc chris has raised money to fight Cystic Fibrosis. Inspired by his nephew who has CF, mc chris and his fans have raised over $150,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through eBay sales and donations collected at live shows. These donations helped make drugs like Trikafta a reality, improving and lengthening the lives of those with Cystic Fibrosis. This is what mc chris considers his greatest success.

mc chris currently lives in Los Angeles with his son. mc chris has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Time Magazine.

Check out the tour dates below, pick up a ticket at, and make plans to see mc one last time this summer!

Tour Dates:

6/10/22 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
6/12/22 The Nerd – Las Vegas, NV
6/13/22 Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ
6/14/22 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
6/16/22 Marquis – Denver, CO
6/18/22 Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
6/19/22 Record Bar – Kansas City, MO
6/21/22 Double Wide – Dallas, TX
6/22/22 Spiderhouse ballroom – Austin, TX
6/23/22 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
6/24/22 One Eyed Jacks – New Orleans, LA
6/26/22 Growlers – Memphis, TN
6/27/22 Shenanigans – Huntsville, AL
6/28/22 The Bakery – Atlanta, GA
6/29/22 Jackrabbits – Jacksonville, FL
7/1/22 Crowbar – Tampa, FL
7/2/22 New Brookland Tavern – Columbia, SC
7/3/22 Tin Roof – Charleston, SC
7/4/22 Cats Cradle – Carrboro, NC
7/5/22 Richmond, VA
7/6/22 Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
7/7/22 Kung Fu Necktie – Philladelphia, PA
7/8/22 Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT
7/9/22 Boston, MA
7/10/22 Sun Tiki Room – Portland, ME
7/12/22 Fuse Box – Albany, NY
7/13/22 Funk N’Waffles – Syracuse, NY
7/15/22 Nietzsche’s – Buffalo, NY
7/16/22 Funhouse – Pittsburgh, PA
7/17/22 Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
7/18/22 Crofoot – Pontiac, MI
7/19/22 Hi-Fi – Indianapolis, IN
7/20/22 Red Flag – St. Louis, MO
7/21/22 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
7/22/22 Racoon Motel – Davenport, IA
7/23/22 Milwaukee, WI
7/24/22 High Noon – Madison, WI
7/25/22 7th St Entry – Minneapolis, MN
7/26/22 The Aquarium – Fargo, ND
7/28/22 Monk’s Bar – Missoula, MT
7/30/22 Vera Project – Seattle, WA
7/31/22 Bossanova Ballroom – Portland, OR
8/1/22 Wow Hall – Eugene, OR
8/2/22 The Dip – Redding, CA
8/3/22 Colonial Theatre – Sacramento, CA
8/4/22 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
8/4/22 Blue Lagoon – Santa Cruz, CA
8/6/22 Siren – San Luis Obispo, CA
8/8/22 Los Angeles


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