Band Of The Day: Lives Lost

Lives Lost; This is a phrase most commonly used as a euphemism for the number of deaths in a situation. In this instance, this phrase represents a Central PA rock band comprised of seasoned musicians Tanis Pellegrini (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Aaron Perry (Guitars), Alan Thompson (Drums, Backing Vocals), and Josh Krizan (Bass, Backing Vocals). The members of Lives Lost come together with the common goal of forging their own destiny by not just writing music but crafting an experience and initiating a collective movement to change the world through action and music.

The band has released their newest single, the heavy yet melodic Brighter Days”. The track is an alternative post-hardcore banger that showcases the band in their element.

The song represents the culmination of years of songwriting. "I have written probably 100 songs through the years and so far this is easily one of my favorites I have ever written," says vocalist and guitarist Tanis Pellegrini, "I'm so fed up with the state of the world, and our planet is dying at a faster rate than it should due to human intervention. This song is about that desire to stop pretending that nothing is happening and fucking doing something about it so we and future generations can have more, brighter days."

"Brighter Days" is a stand-alone single, being released on New Year's Eve. This is the band's fourth release of 2021, following up Forward Yesterday (April), Lost (August ), and Crisis (August). Along with the single, the band has also released a teaser for their upcoming music video. "It was the best video experience I've ever had." says the band, "Robert McCoy shot and directed the video which is entirely us performing the song in our local park. We had a really good time and chose to hold out on doing a video in the park until the winter to not interfere with local wildlife."


Listen to “Brighter Days” on SPOTIFY or watch the video on YouTube below.