Band Of The Day: #lameassdads

#lameassdads is a pop-punk band from Toledo, Ohio, who has just announced the vinyl release of their album Greetings from Nowhere, Ohio. The vinyl is being released by Punkerton Records. It’s being released as random mix color vinyl so each record will be an unique, one of one. The vinyl release also features two bonus tracks, one of which has never been released!

Musically, the goal of the album was to make the type of fun, nostalgic pop-punk music that the members of the band grew up on. “We set out to make an album that we would want to listen to,” explains the band. “We recorded the whole album in Ryan’s house. The entire process was extremely therapeutic and we joked that it was way cheaper than talk therapy. If you’re a fan of that 90’s pop-punk/alternative sound we think you’ll really enjoy our songs. We grew up on that style of music, love it, and hope we did it justice.”

The album was preceded by the singles “Nowhere, Ohio”, “Days Pass By”, and “My Favorite Boys”. “Nowhere, Ohio” caught the attention of Punkerton Records founder Brandon Lewis, who used it as the official theme song for his successful summer festival, Hell Is Ohio. “The first time I heard “Nowhere, Ohio” I was blown away,” explains Brandon, “I’m so stoked about this. This is my label’s very first vinyl release. The pre-order is going a lot faster than I could have ever anticipated!”

#lameassdads is a pop-punk band from Toledo, Ohio whose members are, well… #lameassdads! The band was formed in early 2021 when two friends, Ryan and Andy, decided they still had some gas in the tank for songwriting and creating. Now in their late 30s with real jobs, families, and responsibilities, they realized they still needed an outlet to get their adult angst out. Inspired by artists such as Blink-182, Bad Religion, MxPx, and Descendants, they began collaborating together on their first collection of original songs. Together they tackle topics of long sleepless nights, the hard but rewarding job of parenting, loss of loved ones, falling in love, personal growth, and remembering the glory days that led them to where they are now. They tapped friends Tim (Drums) and Dan (Guitar/Background Vocals) to join the band and help bring their songs to a live audience.

You can pre-order the album here.

#lameassdads Is:
Ryan – Guitar/Vocals
Andy – Bass/Vocals
Tim – Drums
Dan – Guitar/Background Vocals

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