Band Of The Day: Fairshake

Fairshake; In this moment you are judgment free, and stand in your purest form and Truth. A realization that we are here to heal from experiences and surrender into your highest form. You create your life from here on. This never ending journey with Shayne Goss since 2008 has been accompanied by many talented artists who have shared this vibration over the years.

Fairshake has experienced genre changes as the project has evolved, especially after inducting Tucker Harding and Chase Sammons in the fall of 2017. The project coming from emotionally charged singer songwriter roots with pop melodies has grown very naturally into the alternative rock, punk and dare we say “emo” music that we all grew up on and love.

Fairshake has released their newest single, “Another Round” - the second track to drop from their upcoming release, High Risk. "Another Round" offers a head-bobbing, post-grunge/hardcore sound coupled with a catchy, punk-inspired style that makes for a unique combination.

Listen to “Another Round” on SPOTIFY or on YouTube below: