Band Of The Day: Cybertooth

In the year 3069, six agents of the CyberTooth Resistance from dimension 7969 were sent back in time by the Council of Three to alter the course of reality – ultimately in hopes of saving the human species from a mandatory augmentation, which made humans into superhuman zombies that obey every command of the High One. This path will result in the destruction of the planet known to you as Earth. Thus far, Agents Neuromancer and The Android have been revealed. The other four agents of the CyberTooth Resistance are to be revealed in due time.


“We have a message to deliver to 42 individuals, but we are unsure of whom they are,” says CyberTooth. “We are sure that we are on the correct timeline to finding these chosen 42 individuals. They carry the knowledge of the Watchers, who have been on your planet for nearly 7,444 human years. They have revealed the truth to 42 individuals. These 42 individuals carry the sacred knowledge to summon interdimensional beings that can alter the course of your future into a more pleasant one in which humans who do not follow The Directive will no longer be executed, nor will their consciousnesses be held prisoner.”


Frequency is at the molecular basis of everything CyberTooth knows. Music is frequency, and therefore they have chosen it as their weapon and voice. “We do not know who these 42 individuals are so, therefore, we will need your help,” explains the group. “We ask that you share this music with others in hopes to find these 42 individuals who hold the power and secrets of the universe.”


CyberTooth’s first transmission, “Cold Reaction”, is now streaming across all Digital Streaming Platforms. You can hear it now on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below: