Band Of The Day- Cotter

Ohio emo pop-punk act Cotter has released just released their latest single, the description “Never Look Back“. The track opens with a brief foray into pop production, complete with 808 drums, ticking high hats, and claps, before bursting into a full band anthem. “Never Look Back” shows serious songwriting growth for Cotter, and also serves as the first track to feature Tim Waters on bass, backing vocals, and screams.

Lyrically, the track is all about reminiscing about someone that is no longer in your life. “It’s about someone who turned their back on you and falling into your own head throughout that process,” explains the band. “It’s about how denial, and self-hatred can be born of the situation.”

Columbus-based Cotter showcases sincere sentimentality through a veil of shreddy, pop-punk anthemicism. Named in memory of a late friend who had tragically succumbed to a battle with depression, the band sets their foundations in relatable themes that cover a wide spectrum of emotionality and lived experience.

Formed mid-2019 as an acoustic act by long-time musical collaborators Howard Mesharer (vocals) and Zachary Lukkarila (guitar/vocals), the full band lineup evolved with the addition of Kyle Spears (guitar), Tim Waters (bass), and Andrew Brzeczkowski (drums). The complete collective took the stage for their first live performance that December, securing the experience just ahead of 2020’s crowdless era.

Cotter officially debuted within the broader alternative music scene the following September, dropping the single, “Clumsy,” weeks ahead of their five-track EP, On Sunset. Drawing on balladic melodies, post-hardcore aggression, and everything in-between, the tracklist serves as an eclectic display of 2000s emo-reminiscent sonic stylings—but not without a fresh breath of modernity.

The single exclusively premieres with Breaking Music Magazine and is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to “Never Look Back” on SPOTIFY or watch the video on YouTube below.

Cotter Is:
Howard Mesharer – Vocals
Zachary Lukkarila – Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals
Kyle Spears – Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Tim Waters – Bass/Backup Vocals
Andrew Brzeczkowski – Drums

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