Band Of The Day: Campus Rex

Campus Rex is an indie-pop band from Cincinnati, Ohio that can be recognized by its relatable lyrics, catchy choruses, and danceable hooks. After some traction in the local scene, they have been able to share the stage with bands like The Orphan the Poet, Deal Casino, and Calling All Captains. With the new record being recorded by Seth Handerson at Always be Genius Studios, Campus Rex is sure to hit the ground running in 2022 with their best work yet.

Campus Rex has released their newest single, "Loveback." The smooth retro pop throwback track is a pop anthem for the ages, featuring a heavy beat with harmonies that glide through the rhythm.  

"'Loveback' is a song about making the right choices, to me," says singer Scooter Smith.  “From the first time I heard the demo I knew 'Loveback' was going to be a special song," says Griffin King, who splits time between guitar and keys. "It has such an infectious groove and a baseline that you can’t help but move to."

The recording process itself was a big highlight for the band. "I loved recording this single,says guitarist Noah Jatczak. "Going into the studio with not a lot and just being able to sit there and bring it to its full potential was an amazing process for me." "I believe this is the only Campus Rex song that features every member on vocals," adds King. "I’ll never forget everyone hyping each other up before they went into the booth to record their parts."

"Loveback" was mastered by John Naclerio; tracked, produced, and mixed by Seth Henderson; and tracked by Andrew Ebding, who also wrote the drums. Along with the single, the band has also released a lyrics video. "Our friend Mitchell Sturkey made this video for us and even though it's just a lyric video it fits the vibe of what we are going for," says the band. "He did an amazing job with all of the little animations you see throughout it which make the video more interesting and you never take your eyes off the screen."

Listen to “Loveback” on SPOTIFY or watch the video on YouTube below.