Band Of The Day: ASAVA

ASAVA is an alternative rock band formed in 2017 in Canton, Ohio. A group of childhood friends with dreams of rocking legendary stages, ASAVA has come out swinging with their new hard-hitting new single, “25".

ASAVA delivers melodic and groove-driven riffs glued to a dynamic rhythm section coloring a soundscape fronted with powerful and introspective vocal delivery. Songs range in scope and weight from tantric space-tarantula warfare to the calming buzz of the sub in a 1999 Civic, vape smoke billowing out the gleamed sunroof.

Members of ASAVA have been making music together for over a decade, cementing foundational chemistry that is undeniably present in recorded and live material. Years of jamming out in their parents’ basements, buddies’ backyards, and local clubs and bars formed their sound. The band released their first album in 2020, and their sophomore effort is scheduled to come out in mid-2022. 

The song was birthed out of a low point for the band. "I started writing this song in the Summer of 2020 just after COVID shut the world down," explains vocalist Liam Brocious. "We had just released our first album in the Spring and had absolutely no clue what to do. All I've ever wanted is to be a rock star and here I have my first full-length album and it's overshadowed by COVID. My anxiety was at an all-time high. I was having panic attacks, thoughts of suicide, and was taking drugs to numb me out. I felt hopeless to get my music career off the ground. During this time I started re-watching my childhood inspiration, The Foo Fighters, live performances. It re-energized me and reminded me of what it is I am working toward. '25' is my message to the world that you can snap out of it. Pursue your passion, let it energize you, maybe reawaken you to life."

"25" was recorded by Jacob Shar (Ilo) and mixed by David Caplinger (UnderOath, Devil Wears Prada). Along with the single, the band has also released a music video for "25". "After a setback with the original shooting schedule, we had to come up with a new concept for the video on the spot. We decided to shoot in the basement we used as our rehearsal space since high school. A sentimental environment for each of us. Liam grabbed a few of his family VHS tapes and brought them the day of the shoot. The videos happened to be of his birth. We were shooting Dan playing the drums with the videos going on the TV's and Liam is watching the monitor and realizes, ‘I'm sitting here watching my birth while listening to a song I wrote about wanting to kill myself.’ That hit hard. It was that kind of nail in the coffin that solidified the direction we would go with this video. It was so personal, how could you not go with the direction the universe is pushing you. You were born to be alive."

The single exclusively premiered with Music Crowns and is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to “25” on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below.