Shit Happens

One night in her apartment after having a few beers with her buddy Dustin, Kayla was making some food in the kitchen. Kayla dropped some food on the floor and exclaimed "Oh well, shit happens!" to which Dustin replied jokingly, "heh, that's a good name for a punk band!" Little did the world know what was in store for the punk scene in Winnipeg... Fronted by Kayla Wilding, Shit Happens joined the punk rock subculture back in 2018. Dustin started out as the guitar player but moved to drums after a couple of lineup changes. In 2019, Bill Perehinec became the bass player, Evan Sidley took on the guitar role and Jes Mo joined the band as another singer, but Jes departed late in 2022. Shit Happens writes fast songs with clever and witty lyrics. The topics range from serious to tongue-in-cheek but the music is always high tempo, mostly upbeat and catchy. You will catch our fans moshing in the pit, sometimes a circle pit will break out but everyone is having a great time. We have singalong choruses and cover a wide variety of subject matter, from racism to cancel culture and everything in between.

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