Band Of The Day: Between The Echoes

Out band of the day today is Between The Echoes! Between the Echoes is a three-piece passion project created by Chad William, Katie Jean, and Marvin Albert. The band formed through their shared love of similar alt-rock bands (Saosin, Thrice, Jimmy Eat World) and quickly realized they had created a distinctive musical chemistry. Together, the band aligned to create a full-length conceptual album that takes the listener deep on a journey within one’s consciousness. The band creates this experience by musically blending the light and dark, through melodic and catchy vocal melodies mixed with guitar-driven music and a lyrical story that personifies the darkness into a siren that hauntingly calls to the listener in the background of many of the songs.

The band has recently returned with their latest single ‘Phantom Limb‘. The track, which is the second of the band’s album rollout, features the captivating vocals of Stephen Christian (Anberlin, Anchor & Braille). Comprised of layered visuals and a dark figure haunting the protagonist of the narrative, “Phantom Limb” conceptualizes the need to gain power over one’s self and not fall victim to what the band describes as a “dark passenger.”

The band has also carefully crafted single and album artwork that visually represents the shadowy dance happening between the listener and the siren. On one side, she is beautiful and alluring, and on the other side her darkness is shining through, reminding us that just because it may feel good, doesn’t mean it’s good for us. The question is, can we break free from her grips (our vices)?

“Phantom Limb” is the first of four tracks to be featured in a series of conceptual videos that give visuals to the journey this album will take you on. The video was directed by Jake Bonham and features an individual strung along by whispers, pulling him further and further into the darkness of his subconscious as he struggles to maintain composure and control of his own life and mind.

“We personified this darkness into a Siren,” the band shares, “In the video, the viewer will see the haunting battle occurring within the main character’s head created by the Siren’s whispers and pulls toward the darkness. He begins to question his own reality. Will he succumb to her manipulation or set himself free? The same can be posed to the listener, will you step into the shadows dancing with your own darkness or wind up free?”

The feature was recorded by Christian McAlhaney (Anberlin, Acceptance, Loose Talk) and is now available across all major streaming platforms.

Listen to “Phantom Limb” on Spotify.