The Reedy Weeps

The Reedy Weeps are a four piece group from Newark, OH. Alex Brannon (guitar, vocals), Elijah Timothy (bass, vocals), Jack Lutz (lead guitar) and Gavin Hanners (drums). Their genre can be classified as punk rock with a little bit of folk and pop, taking influences from bands like Ramones, Husker Dü, The Replacements, and REM.
First formed in the Fall of 2018, The Reedy Weeps were often known for playing open mic nights at bars around the local area as an acoustic duo (Alex, Elijah). When they starting getting more attention from their hometown, they released their first single "The Dogs" on June 6th, 2019. Due to the popularity of the single, they put out their self titled EP a year later in July of 2020, as well as a 6 song CD "Cheap Songs" in October of the same year.
In Spring of 2021, they decided to broaden their style by adding in drummer, Mason Martin, to their full band lineup. They released their debut album "Folk Lore" in December of 2021 on Punkerton Records.
In 2022 Martin was replaced with Gavin Hanners and Jack Lutz was added to the lineup on lead guitar.